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The Partner-Like Team

Kristian Schellenberg

Partner / CEO / Project Manager

After his studies at ETH Zurich with stays in Spain and the United States, Kristian stayed at ETH as research and teaching assistant and carried out his PhD on the design of rockfall protection galleries with a research exchange in Japan. Thereafter, he worked in Denmark on international major bridges and as consultant in Switzerland with focus on the assessment of existing bridges and the design of new bridges.

Poul Schroeder

Partner / Chief Engineer

Poul holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering with specialization in bridges. Following his thesis on a railway bridge he has been working on various bridge engineering aspects from site works such as launching of railway viaducts, to the assessment of existing railway bridges, to the design of long span and signature bridges in concrete and steel such as suspended bridges, cable stayed and arch bridges. Poul gained extensive experience working in Italy, England, Denmark and since 2013 in Switzerland.

Dawid Wisniewski

PhD, MSc, CEng, MIStructE, MICE, MBA
Partner / Chief Engineer

Dawid studied Bridge Engineering at University of Technology in Wroclaw. His PhD, in the field of reliability assessment of existing structures, he did in Portugal with a short stay in Barcelona. Later, he worked with assessment of existing bridges and with the design of new medium and large span bridges in Denmark, Canada, United Kingdom and Poland. Dawid has extensive experience in the design of reinforced and prestressed concrete bridges, including cable-stayed bridges.

Mirco Protner

Partner / CFO

Mirco graduated in Civil Engineering at ETH Zurich in 2003 and spent an exchange year in Madrid at UPM. After several years working as project engineer and project manager on the contractor side, Mirco completed an MBA and worked for 10 years in the financial industry.

Stephan Fricker

Prof. Dr. sc. ETH, Dipl.-Ing.
Partner / Proof Check Engineer

After his studies in Stuttgart and Calgary, Stephan worked as structural engineer in Berlin and Haldenstein close to Chur and did then his PhD at ETH Zurich in the field of bridge monitoring. After that, he has been working on proof check projects at a recognized engineering office in Germany and is now professor for concrete and structural design at Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH).

Vasco Amaral

MSc Eng. Civil and Structural Engineering
Chief Engineer / Specialist in Construction Engineering

Vasco has vast experience in bridge engineering having been involved in the design of different types of bridges and construction methods, in different project stages from conceptual design to technical assistance during construction and assuming different roles. His working experience ranges from small standard structures to complex world class projects such as cable-stayed or suspension bridges.

Henar Martín-Sanz

Bridge Engineer / Specialist in Monitoring and UHPFRC

Henar holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). She initially worked as a structural engineer in Madrid and from 2013 onwards, she worked on international projects at an engineering office in Zurich. Then she worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Structural Engineering at ETH Zurich, where she wrote her dissertation on the topic of monitoring structural reinforcements with ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC).

Michal Majka

Senior Bridge Engineer

Michal holds an MSc in Civil / Bridge Engineering from University of Technology in Wroclaw, Poland and a PhD degree from National University of Ireland Galway. He started his industry career in the Structural Design Section of Irish Rail, with a strong focus on design, rehabilitation, inspections and maintenance of very diverse aging and historic railway bridges. After gaining this versatile engineering experience running projects from the very start to the very end, he followed it up with work in Canada on large North American bridges.

Alex Garate Arrazola

Structural Eng. MSc, Environmental Eng. MSc
Bridge Engineer / Specialist in BIM and Sustainability

Alex Garate Arrazola has extensive experience in implementing the BIM methodology in the infrastructure sector and in integrating the life cycle analysis as a tool for assessing the sustainability of construction projects. He holds two master degrees, one in Structural Engineering and one in Environmental Science both from University Alfonso X El Sabio in Madrid and has more than 10 years of experience in international structural engineering projects, having worked both from Spain and Switzerland.

Partner Companies

Together we are stronger. For this reason we collaborate with the following partner companies:

  • Aschwanden & Partner Ltd.

    Aschwanden & Partner Ltd. in Rüti ZH provides bridge engineering services in the 3rd generation. We collaborate in rehabilitation projects and in the design of new bridges. Aschwanden & Partner supports us with their strengths and their experienced draftsmen and designing engineers among other things in preparing tender documents and in-site supervision, also in innovative projects or in the application of BIM.

  • Dr. J. Grob & Partner Ltd.

    Dr. J. Grob & Partner Ltd. in Winterthur disposes of expertise in the assessment and rehabilitation of bridges, in earthquake assessment, dynamic design and fatigue resistance. In our collaboration, we create substitutions for our project managers. Furthermore, Dr. J. Grob & Partner can provide extended capacities of project engineers and draftsmen if needed.

  • ASECon

    ASECon (Advanced Structural Engineering Consultants) in Wroclaw (PL) is specialized in design of complex structures. We collaborate for design services and competitions.

  • Schneider Ingenieure Ltd.

    Schneider Ingenieure Ltd. in Chur is specialized on survey of land as well as on road and public works civil engineering. Thanks to their expertise, we can cope for the alignment design of bridges and we can offer customized geodetical bridge monitoring.

  • Matrisk Ltd.

    Matrisk Ltd. in Affoltern am Albis analyses risks and reliability of technical systems. Matrisk is specialized in probabilistic modelling of loads and resistances as well as in calibration of partial safety factors. For specific bridge related tasks, our collaboration can be extremely valuable for our client’s solutions. For instance, when an existing bridge does not fulfill code requirements, we can assess if this situation is acceptable or if cost-efficient measures can improve the safety level.

  • Infrastructure Management Consultants Ltd.

    Infrastructure Management Consultants Ltd. (IMC) provides support to assess, develop and improve models and processes of operation and maintenance of infrastructure. Together with IMC we can elaborate customized solutions for condition and risk-based maintenance plans of bridges and other engineering structures.

  • Ingreen Innovation

    Ingreen Innovation is convinced that “another construction is not only possible but necessary”. As a catalyst for change, from engineering, Ingreen Innovation is committed to the integration of innovative technological and environmental variables in decision-making affecting the construction sector. Therefore, Ingreen Innovation is specialized in the integration of the BIM methodology in the infrastructure sector and in the evaluation of the carbon footprint as a decision-making tool. Together with Ingreen Innovation, we aim at reducing the life cycle CO2 emissions by integrating quantification evaluations in the different construction alternatives and recommendations.

We collaborate with: