• Proposal for the new cycle bridge over the Bruggbach in Böttstein, Switzerland. A curved steel-concrete composite bridge with a span of 64 m, a 4.65 m rise (1:14) and integrally formed bridge ends. Project in collaboration with AFRY and Gottlieb Paludan Architects.

  • 2nd place in the competition for the bridge over the river Arno in Buriano, Italy, 2021. Composite continuous girder in arch shape with a total length of 130 m in collaboration with Bolina, Abacus, and Tommaso Architettura.

  • Competition for bridge over river Rhone in Sion, Switzerland, 2022. Network arch bridge with 104 m span. Project in collaboration with merkli degen architekten eth.

  • 3rd place in the competition for the completion of the pedestrian and bicycle traffic between Biberbrugg and Chaltenboden, Switzerland, 2022. Steel-concrete composite structure for the main span of 70 m and eccentrically installed hollow box girders for the standard spans of 18 to 20 m. Project in collaboration with ASECon, Aschwanden & Partner and STOPROCENT Architekci.

  • Competition for the St. Luzi bridge over Chur providing the new access to Arosa, Switzerland, 2021. Twin arches of 329 m span with centrally located piers. Project in collaboration with Synaxis, Ingphi and AFRY.

  • Conceptual design in competition for the footbridge over river Limmat in Wettingen, Switzerland, 2021. Hybrid steel-timber structure with span of 88.6 and 35.3 m. In collaboration with Knight Architects and Ingreen Innovation.

  • Architectural and structural competition for the bridge over the river Meduna in Pordenone, Italy, 2021. Tied steel arch bridge on three spans for a total length of 350 m in collaboration with Bolina, Costructura and H&A. 3rd rank with highest technical ranking.

  • 2nd place in the competition for replacement of the SBB Aare Bridge Solothurn, 2021. Steel bridge with spans of 30.80, 33.55, and 30.80 m. Project in collaboration with WaltGalmarini and Gottlieb Paludan Architects.

  • Rhine river bridge Tamins designed by Christian Menn. Built in 1963. Owner is the canton Grisons. The stiffening effect of the prestressed box girder allowed a very slender arch as pioneer work. The merging of the arch with the deck makes the bridge one of the most beautiful concrete arch bridges. Rehabilitation in 1989. Structural assessment in 2007 by Conzett Bronzini Partner. Photography by Severin Aschwanden, Aschwanden & Partner.

  • Marble bridge designed by Richard La Nicca. Built in 1838. Owner is the canton Grisons. The bridge is unique due the bright marble from quarry nearby and belongs to the oldest and classy stone bridges. 1996 the bridge was sealed and in 2014 the bar in creek Hüscherabach was replaced to prevent damage of the side walls. Photography by Severin Aschwanden, Aschwanden & Partner.

Equi Bridges – Passion for Bridge Engineering

We are structural engineers specialized in bridges and with close relations to research and development. Our employees are experts in their fields with large experience in local and international bridge engineering.

The services of Equi Bridges cover all aspects of bridge design and bridge asset management including:

We either elaborate the best solution for you or assist you in assigning adequate experts to get your problems solved.

Our Philosophy to Stay in Balance

Our solutions – combining best practice with innovation.

For our clients – through a thorough task analysis, we look for the optimized approach in order to save clients’ time and costs.

For our employees – we offer a good mix of passionate work and sufficient freedom for family and recreation.


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